You own your home but not your electric

... that doesn't make  cents!

Solar energy gives you the independence and savings of owning your electricity. We provide our customers with options to purchase their array so that they can maximize their benefit. Why not own your home AND your electric?

We offer turnkey service and work with you to custom engineer your perfect system. We do not price our systems by watt like most other solar companies, that is inaccurate and often times leads to overcharging. ACDC Solar job-costs every job down to the last bolt to ensure our customers only pay for what they get, and nothing more. We provide the best value to our customers and ensure that our equipment & installations are top notch. We do not install anything we wouldn't install on our own houses!

All of our systems are designed storage ready. That means you won't have to replace costly inverters when you add batteries in the future!

Think about it, saving money every year with solar is like getting a raise at work... if you spend less of your salary on your home, you have more money at the end of the day right? ACDC Solar believes that installing solar is a no-brainer, and we simply teach our customers about solar until they see the  light. Stop renting electricity, create and own your energy future!

It is EASY to SAVE!


First, we evaluate your home and electric bills for solar worthiness. Then, we design your system based on our decades of experience! We price every job down to the number of bolts, we do not use price per watt averages or include unnecessary charges/equipment. What we in stall on your home, is what we install on our friends' and families' homes. Our proposals are specifically tailored to your needs.