How can batteries help?

Energy Storage is here and is going to play a huge part in the distributed energy future. Without energy storage, renewable energy cannot grow. Although we can predict how much energy solar can produce in a year, month and even week, that is not enough to beat renewable energy intermittency... When we need energy, the grid cannot wait for a cloud to pass, and nor can you if you are targeting peak demand. That is where on-site Energy Storage Systems come in to fill the gap. Depending on your rate tariff and system size, batteries are optimized one of three ways...

Buy 1, Get 3

Customized & Dynamic for All

Green Button Data is like your energy fingerprint, everyone is different. Using your GBD we tailor your system to you. As your GBD changes, so can the programming. We optimize both the size of the solar array and storage system to minimize system costs while maximizing value. A smart idea to power all the ideas that light up your company.