Take Charge of your Energy

By using Energy Storage Systems (ESS), homes and businesses can save energy generated from solar panels, or charge from the grid, to use it at times when electricity prices are high or there is a blackout. Furthermore, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) make it possible to be completely independent from the grid. There are many things to consider when sizing an ESS and ACDC Solar are experts at this. Find out how adding a ESS to your home or business can provide peace of mind and savings.

Buy 1, Get 3

Customized & Dynamic for All

Green Button Data is like your energy fingerprint, everyone is different. Using your GBD we tailor your system to you. As your GBD changes, so can the programming. We optimize both the size of the solar array and storage system to minimize system costs while maximizing value. A smart idea to power all the ideas that light up your company.